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Yak Tribe Official

What the heck!? I thought I was already a Yak Tribe member because I filled out this form! Well, you are…kinda. If you haven’t filled out our member form, please do. That is a way for members to find you, contact you, collaborate with you, and get on the water with you.

Okay I get that, but what do I have to do to become a “Official Member?” Buy something!?

I’m glad you asked! Yes, you have to buy something…but not just anything. We want you to purchase our official member decal for $15. Before you crucify us, give us a chance to explain. In the last year we have done a TON for the kayak fishing community and our people. From tournament sponsorships, a kayak giveaway, POW cans, raising funds for those in need, and more. This year we want to incorporate beach clean-ups as well as continue to do the things we did last year. When people hear “Yak Tribe,” we want them to marry that with the thought, “They do a lot of good for a lot of people.”

For every decal bought, we will be putting half of the funds in a pool of money to execute the “do good” portion of our company. We aren’t asking you to track us, we are asking you to trust us and buy into the vision of what we do as a community.

Every member who purchases a official member decal will be placed here.

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