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Bungees on Fish
If you’ve ever thought it wouldn’t be the best idea to strap your fish down but couldn’t really back it up with science and research, this may help you out.

Kayaks and bump boards are a match made in heaven. The advent of bump boards opened up fishing tournament possibilities that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish without them. Yak Tribe tourneys are a perfect example of the awesome types of competitions allowed by bump boards. Can you yakers remember back to your world when bump boards didn’t exist? Did you even fish picture-based tourneys? If so, what did you use to corral your fish for photos and measuring? Bump boards are certainly an amazing invention. The concave structure incorporated into most new age bump boards gives added confidence that no inadvertent fish flops leading to lost tournament fish will occur; however, some anglers have been known to take the task of securing the fish to the bump board a bit too far. Utilizing bungees or bands to secure fish to bump boards causes unnecessary stress to the fish, potentially leading to chronic impacts and even mortality upon release. This article is aimed at elucidating the effects of bungeeing fish to bump boards in an effort to raise angler awareness and reduce the use of said bungee devices.

Don’t Wait

We’ve all been there. “Ah! I think I want to start kayak fishing.” The Google search begins. “Ah! These fishing kayaks are expensive!” The Craigslist search begin. “Ah! Well, this will work…but I really want that pedal drive!” The depression sinks in. “Ah. I’ll just wait until I can afford that pedal drive.” If you are new to kayak fishing or have been kayak fishing for 30 years, I hope this quick read inspires you to pull the trigger (figuratively) more often rather than waiting for the best of the best. (Even though pedal drives aren’t the best. Let’s all calm down.)

Kayak Fishing Commmunity

Who Cares

In today’s world, it’s more about who knows what you’re doing rather than actually what it is you went out to do. This is coming from a brand that built it’s reputation on a social media platform showing off people doing things. Funny! The intent of this short read is to encourage or re-inspire you to do what it is you love doing without the intent of making sure other people know you enjoy what you’re doing.

Amber Romance

It was a typical evening. The kayaks were washed, the fish were cleaned, and we were enjoying the view as the sun set in the distance. As we reflected on the day and shared fish stories my hand quickly met the back of my neck. Splatter goes the bug. The look of disgust filled Mr. Eddie’s eyes. Suddenly that look of disgust vanished from his face as he was filled with genuine concern. “Mr. Eddie, are you okay?”

kayak fishing community

It seems every time I open my Instagram page to check on some Yak Tribe notifications, I see a new “brand” page created. It’s usually some sort of picture re-post page or a page based on giveaways for followers. I remember that day I pressed “create account” on the Instagram sign-up page very well. I remembered thinking, “Okay. What the heck will make us different?” Since day one my goal was to always be intentional. In everything we do. My intention was to never start a re-post Instagram page. My intention was to use the social media platform as a way to engage in real relationships that would go further and deeper than any social media platform could maintain.

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