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About Yak Tribe Kayak Fishing

Great, another kayak fishing community. Yes, we know you are thinking that. We thought long and hard before developing another kayak community. You will never hear us analyze or put another community down.

So, what makes YakTribe unique?

We have spent some time now developing a great group of family members. Our motto is, “Real People. Real Stories. Real Connections.” Since launching this community we have seen REAL interaction and engagement. The egos are nowhere to be found here. It’s pretty awesome to be part of a group where you can ask a genuine question and not have the “pros” jam their template answer down your throat.

We were on the water with a few members not too long ago and he said, “I get it now! We are out here in our yaks together. When the fish move, we move. When the food moves, we move. It really is like a tribe.” Sure, sounds corny….but corny is cool with us. He is completely right. We aren’t here to build a 100k follower army. If we grow that big, cool. We are here to develop a family. Where you can call a buddy from YakTribe and say, “Hey, I’m in Georgia. Want to go fishing? Want to go hunting?” We have already had plenty of people offer places to sleep! How cool is that?

If this sounds like a community you want to be part of, then come on! There are no prerequisites required!

Article written for Fish Hound

1. Tell me a little about yourself and how Yak Tribe got started?

Hey! I’m Heath Panganiban, the founder of Yak Tribe. I have an amazing wife and two sons. I’m a full time youth pastor as well as a marketing consultant. Marketing and consulting have always been a skill of mine, but the outdoors have always been my passion. Recently, I’ve been able to combine those two things into an ultimate passion.

Yak Tirbe was started in 2015 out of a void I felt the kayak fishing community had. There have always been social groups, online forums, and other forms of connection, but there never seemed to be an agenda. I wanted to bring intentional connection to the kayak fishing community.

2. What is the main purpose of Yak Tribe?

The main purpose of Yak Tribe is to connect people across the nation and get them to actually do something with that connection. Our motto is “Real People. Real Stories. Real Connections.”

3. Explain how Yak Tribe is a community. I know that is a big emphasis for you.

Community is huge for us. Yak Tribe is so much more than kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is just the main thread that connects us. We have guys that offer hunting cabins, places to lodge, rooms, and much more to anyone that is a Yak Tribe affiliate. We’ve raised money for those who have lost family members or have a need. We’ve given away a kayak. If you are a Yak Tribe member, your resources are at the disposal of other members. Meaning, if you want to be part of the community, you have to be willing to really connect and give. What’s the point of going throughout life holding on to everything? We like to share what we have. That could be gear, knowledge, or just advice. We keep the good in and the garbage out. No drama!

4. What are the tournament details/logistics?

We are the first to combine salt and fresh water fishing into a kayak fishing tournament. We have both fresh and salt water fish that match each other in weight and length. You have 8 slots to fill. You can continue replacing your smaller fish throughout the tournament. Our buddy Rex from Action hat put together a pretty cool video that breaks the tournament down. Check it out here:

5. Yak Tribe has some distinctive when it comes to the environment. Can you identify those and what Yak Tribe is doing in that area?

We are SO over fisherman throwing their line, lures, and trash into our waters. We have members all around the United States that go to their local bays and rivers with their kayaks unloaded and pick up as much trash as they can and haul onto their yak. They pull up tires, bottles, and all kinds of junk.

Kayak fisherman have to be extremely organized on their kayaks. Its tempting to just let your line clippings, old lures, mono, and even trash fall overboard and just leave it. We have created something called the “POW can.” You can find them for free on our website. It’s a can with an awesome vinyl that has been sponsored by our partners. Take it with you and throw all that small trash into the can instead of the water. It’s that simple!

6. Where does Yak Tribe fit in the broader kayak fishing world?

Besides getting gear into more shops, I believe that we are leading the way in genuine community. People are so done with all the BS in the fishing world. Our goal is to continue to offer a non-threatening atmosphere for kayak fisherman to learn, grow, and connect.

7. How does someone become a member and get involved? Where can they get a hold of you or the organization?

Follow us on Instagram and sign up here – You can personally reach me at or call me on my cell – 941-600-6215

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